Maximizing Rights in Creative Works, Minimizing Infringement Risk

Whether your company needs copyright protection for traditional creative works, for the latest digital media, or for unique designs, Marshall, Gerstein & Borun can work with you to develop an integrated protection strategy. We regularly assist publishers of music, printed works, music Web sites, computer programs, art works, design firms and research organizations. Focusing on the value of your intellectual property assets in light of your specific business objectives, we can help position your creative work product for maximum value, with the minimum of infringement risk.

Our work on software copyright protection and similar products extends to research and development issues, and ownership of “works-for-hire” developed by employees, and works created by consultants. You can rely on us to secure rights and clear the use of copyrighted works, including acquisition, registration and licensing. We provide counseling regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s safe harbor protection, developing the “fair use” guidelines for copyrighted materials, open source and public domain issues, and licensing of copyrighted works.

For marketing professionals, artists, musicians, movie producers and photographers, our Firm provides insightful copyright advice on performance agreements, licensing, enforcement issues, libel and privacy, parody and “fair use.” Our growing arts and entertainment practice includes guidance on the copyright issues involved with the transfer of traditional copyrighted media to the Internet, CDs, DVDs, and other digital communications, as we work with both copyright creators, licensees and licensors. We are also skilled at litigation and infringement mediation involving everything from improper fair use claims to ownership challenges. Your copyright is protected, and your business objectives are realized.