Meet Marshall Gerstein’s Li-Hsien (Lily) Rin-Laures, M.D.: Member of The FierceWomenProject and Focuses on BioTech and Law

February 3, 2017

Partner Li-Hsien (Lily) Rin-Laures, M.D. has always been committed to the advancement of women in the legal profession and the life science industry. As a member of the Board of Directors of Women In Bio, and a founder of the Chicago chapter, Lily sees the positive results of vision, commitment, and active support of women in these fields.

Recently, Lily became involved with The FierceWomenProject. The mission of The FierceWomenProject is to inspire young women and girls to be the architects of their own unique identities and futures through the positive visual representation of strong, accomplished women. The Project achieves this through a portrait series of women members and by providing a speaking platform for the women to engage with young girls. Lily is one of the fierce women featured in the portrait series. She has shared her unique definition of a fierce woman and advice to others in a virtual setting, and she hopes that some part of it inspires a young person to find passion and success.

To read Lily’s interview with JG Boccella in the Huffington Post, click here

In addition, Marshall Gerstein has sponsored the production of an education video to help mentors utilize The FierceWomen Vision Book to connect and inspire girls aged 12-17.

To learn more about The FierceWomenProject and Vision Book, click here.