November 18, 2015Presentation "Legal Issues" AUTM Business Development Course – Medical Devices
November 2014Presentation "Agreements Used to Transfer IP for Medical Devices" AUTM Business Development Course
November 2014Presentation "University Jointly-Owned Rights and Inter-Institutional Agreements" AUTM Webinar
October 2014Presentation "IP Business Basics: The Business Bridge" LES Annual Meeting
July 2014Presentation "What Do You Mean My Idea Did Not Make Millions and Change the World?: The Art of Saying No Well" AUTM Central Region Meeting
July 2014Presentation "Securing IP for Regenerative Medicine: IP 101" Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
June 2014Presentation "University Licensing from the Licensee's Perspective" Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Fellowship Program
May 2014Presentation "Collaboration Agreements in Pharma and Biotechnology" LESI Annual Meeting
March 2014Presentation "Time and Cost-Effective Approaches to Resolving Technology Transfer Disputes" LES Mid-Year Meeting