“Doing Well By Doing Right – The Ultimate Reason for Engaging in Ethically Motivated Deal-Making”

October 2009Presentation
LES USA & Canada Annual Meeting

Firm Partner, Patrick D. Ertel, will be participating in a panel presentation moderated by partner,Pamela L. Cox, entitled “Doing Well By Doing Right – The ultimate reason for engaging in ethically motivated deal-making” on Monday, October 19, 4:15-5:30 p.m., during the 2009 LES USA & Canada Annual Meeting.

Also on the panel are Bloor Redding, Principal of Redding IP Strategies and former Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at Hewlett-Packard Company, Robert MacWright Partner at Frommer, Lawrence & Haug LLP and former executive director of the University of Virginia Patent Foundation and frequent speaker on ethical licensing, Michael Martin of TechTransfer Associates, Inc.

The licensing profession holds the highest standards of conduct, such as those articulated in the ethical rules for the Certified Licensing Professional. These rules are also good for business. A negotiation conducted with the expectation of doing the right thing, avoiding surprises and being truthful about concerns for performance among other behaviors will result in a more productive, strong and long-lasting business relationship.

Do not take our word for it – attend the LES Annual Meeting October 18-21 at the San Francisco Marriott and listen to this panel of experts, each bringing various viewpoints and practice experiences from the different seats they have around the deal table, but all doing well by doing the right thing.

Click here for an additional workshop presented by Ms. Cox during the 2009 LES USA & Canada Annual Meeting. Visit the meeting homepage for more information.