“Jack Daniel’s, Dior Cry ‘Dillution’ …,” (featured quotes)

December 14, 2022
Bloomberg Law

In an article published on December 14 in Bloomberg Law, Partner Tiffany Gehrke discusses the attacks by Jack Daniels and Christian Dior on non-competing uses of their marks that invoke questions about the reach of famous brands and the purpose of trademark law.

Both companies cite trademark dilution, a concept codified into federal law in the 1990s that protects owners of famous brands, allowing rightsholders to block registrations that “blur” their trademarks. Tiffany says that the “way to look at dilution” is to consider, “What if everybody did that?”

“If users are going to chip away at trademark owners’ rights over time, it could ultimately prove problematic for the brand,” explains Tiffany.

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