“Protect Your Med Device Intellectual Property”

June 16, 2021Presentation
MedStartr Healthcare Innovators Club Event

Building a medical device requires an immense amount of regulatory compliance and intellectual property (IP) protection strategies, and Associate Giordana Mahn provided insight at a MedStartr Healthcare Innovators Club event discussing the process of protecting IP for medical devices. 

Dr. Ediuska Laurens, Alex Fair, and Katrina Rogers joined Giordana for this discussion, which included insight on the following:

  • Disclosure and timing issues for obtaining both FDA approval and IP rights
  • Intersection between patent law and 510k submission
  • Advice when deciding to seek patent protection on technology
  • Advice when deciding to seek patent protection on software or AI inventions
  • Challenges surrounding the Alice decision
  • IP vs. trade secrets
  • IP assets that need protection in each stage of the medical device life cycle
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