WoW Woman in Femtech | Giordana Mahn, an IP attorney’s personal story

October 13, 2021
Women of Wearables (WoW) Blog

Associate Giordana Mahn recently connected with the Women of Wearables (Wow) community, a leading global organization that aims to connect with and inspire women in femtech and beyond. As one of WoW’s Experts in Residence, Ms. Mahn provides guidance and insight on IP topics to help women move their innovations forward. She recently shared her personal interest in femtech, a field bolstering underserved women’s health issues through innovation, in a personal article that was featured on WoW.

She writes, “Like millions of mothers before me, I was shocked to discover how little I knew about my own body and how it would change during and after pregnancy.” Experiencing chronic mastitis only underscored this point as Ms. Mahn was left to navigate a myriad of doctors’ appointments and ineffective solutions. As she did, Ms. Mahn became captivated by what she learned about the field of femtech.

“With a background in mechanical engineering and professional experience as an intellectual property attorney, I was riveted by incredible innovations that are helping women learn about their health and sexuality, become advocates for themselves, find better solutions to under-researched and overlooked women’s health issues, and use technology and wearables to allow women the freedom to focus more on what matters to them – their families, careers, and wellbeing.”

Giordana has gone on to represent clients in femtech, helping secure valuable intellectual property rights for innovators to advance their work.

To learn more about her personal experience and the growing field of femtech, please visit Women of Wearables (WoW).

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