Publications and Presentations

March 30, 2018Presentation "IP and Blockchain" Computational Law + Blockchain Festival 2018, Chicago Node
February 9, 2018Presentation “Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Legal and Regulatory Perspective" International Blockchain Congress 2018
September 26, 2017Presentation "IP Considerations for Blockchain Technology" The Chicago Bar Association
August 23, 2017Presentation "Techstars Growth Session: Blockchains, Coin Sales, and ICOs" Techstars Chicago
February 11, 2017 "What's in a Name? From Bitcoin to Blockchain to Distributed Ledgers" CoinDesk
November 4, 2016Presentation “Blockchain and Patents” Fin(Legal)Tech Conference, Chicago-Kent College of Law
November 7, 2015Presentation “Bitcoin is Coming” Defense Entrepreneurs Forum