Maureen Beacom Gorman Appointed to The Alain Locke Initiative Associate Board

June 20, 2011

Maureen Beacom Gorman has been appointed to the Alain Locke Initiative Associate Board and the Board’s Marketing Committee. The Initiative works to close the achievement gap by energizing urban schools in Chicago with high-impact leaders of today and tomorrow.

Through the Alain Locke Initiative Associate Board, Ms. Gorman will work on various activities throughout the year, such as two annual fundraisers; a quarterly newsletter; volunteer services; and serving as an ambassador for the Initiative and its goals.

Maureen Beacom Gorman works directly with clients to prosecute, secure and enforce their copyrights and trademarks. Ms. Gorman offers a balanced perspective to her legal counsel based upon a comprehensive understanding of trademark law, to better assist clients in trademark prosecution, enforcement, litigation, and licensing in the United States and internationally.

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