Marshall Gerstein Attorney Cameron Pick Discusses the Future of The Metaverse

November 19, 2022
Metaverse Times

Cameron Pick was profiled in the Metaverse Times on November 19, where he discusses Web3 patents and patent monetization in the metaverse and how Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP is advising clients.

“We are counseling clients regarding NFTs which may be used to prove ownership of digital assets in the metaverse,” Cameron explains. “We are also counseling clients regarding the ENS domain names which may eventually become as significant for sending payments as Internet domain names are for reaching web addresses.”

Cameron further explains what opportunities the metaverse can provide to individuals and companies in the future.

“I am excited for people to meet and collaborate all over the world from their own homes in a way that feels like they are meeting face-to-face with each other,” Cameron says. “A Zoom is a great tool, but it has its limits. I’m excited for the metaverse to expand on our current meeting infrastructure to allow people to have experiences together in an almost indistinguishable manner from real-world experiences.”

Please visit Metaverse Times to read the full profile for Cameron.

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