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Jennifer Burnette Partner

The partners' dedication to training and mentoring associates attracted me to the firm. They take an active role in helping associates develop their careers.

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Julianne Hartzell Partner

I came to Marshall Gerstein as an associate from a national general practice firm because I was amazed at how much the attorneys truly loved their work.

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Eric Brusca Ph.D. Partner

I was impressed with the firm's expertise in cutting-edge science and the law. I was happy to learn that technical specialists, patent agents, associates and partners have the opportunity to work closely with scientists throughout the application preparation and prosecution processes.

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A law firm’s greatest asset is its people . . .
. . . not just its senior partners, but every professional involved at every level of client service. Consequently, nothing is more important to our mission than to attract and retain the brightest and most creative professionals seeking a lasting home at the forefront of the intersection of science and law. At Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP, we are especially proud of our recruiting and training of professionals, which we achieve through our close attention to the “Four Cs” of professional development.

Competence. We start with competence, especially in the hard sciences, to ensure that our professionals enjoy an unrivaled depth of academic training in the pioneering technical areas in which our clients conduct business. But law is not science, not even intellectual property law, and so we select professionals also for their uncommon ability to teach and convey with the written and spoken word. With this focus, we benefit not only the firm and our clients, but dramatically improve a new lawyer’s chances for long-term professional development.

Compensation. To attract the best, we offer compensation and benefits packages that are among the most generous in the industry, all without obsessing about the billable hour. Our view is that professionals are not mere expenses against revenues, much less fungible commodities to be acquired at a discount; they are essential investments in the firm’s long-term future.

Culture. Nothing motivates a professional quite like respect and trust. From the very beginning stages of professional development, our associates are entrusted with meaningful and important responsibilities befitting a mature and essential member of a legal team. The firm’s prosecution and licensing practices immediately introduce professionals to the excitement of inventor and client interaction, while our litigation practice prides itself on lawyers quickly mastering the skills necessary for taking important depositions and witnesses at trial.

Consideration for Partnership. What makes a good partner? Someone with whom we would like to conduct business indefinitely. When does a lawyer complete the transition from a trusted team member to a potential business partner? Certainly not according to some fixed formula combining years of service and controllable client business. Consequently, and while we regard it as unusual, we have elected new partners who have served the firm for only a fraction of the time that most firms require before considering an associate for partnership. We also do not leave the likelihood of making partner up to chance. We use an associate competencies model to communicate the firm's expectations and our Director of Professional Development helps associates craft annual professional development plans to achieve their goals.

If you wish to apply for employment at Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP and you are vision-impaired or require an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act or a similar law, please contact Michele Gudaitis, Legal Recruiting Manager, at 312.474.6800 or [email protected].

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