Daniel Chavka Authors Article “How Patent Landscape Studies Can Guide Medical Device Innovation” in Medical Design Briefs

September 16, 2019
Medical Design Briefs

In an article published in the September issue of Medical Design Briefs, partner Daniel T. Chavka discusses how the patent landscape can guide medical device innovation.

The patent landscape chronicles challenges and successes that others have faced and includes issued patents, pending and abandoned patent applications, and more.

As part of the patent system, an inventor must go into detail about how to make and use their invention. With this knowledge available to the public, there is room for additional innovation. Because of this, many companies will visit the patent landscape involving specific technologies before investing in or adopting a new technology with which they have little experience.

Drug-delivery devices have specifically been the subject of recent innovation as the convenience of self-administering drugs at home is in high demand; however, there are certain challenges.

“Recognizing this issue, innovators have sought to improve the design of conventional drug-delivery devices and simplify their use for patients. One common approach is to customize an existing design for a particular patient or patient population, or even for a particular drug. This customization can lead to higher patient compliance rates and provides avenues for drug manufacturers to use these devices to differentiate themselves from their competition,” said Chavka.

Patent landscape research is beneficial to building technical expertise and improving existing technologies by understanding problems, solutions and successes that others have had with that technology.

Readers may access Mr. Chavka’s full article “How Patent Landscape Studies Can Guide Medical Device Innovation” on Medical Design Briefs online.

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