Biofuel Inventions/Innovations and Intellectual Property Law Webinar

November 20, 2008

Marshall. Gerstein, & Borun LLP Partner Richard B. Hoffman will be presenting a webinar entitled “Biofuel Inventions/Innovations and Intellectual Property Law” on Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. (CST). Mr. Hoffman will provide a summary of the types of intellectual property, pitfalls to avoid, and tips on protecting your intellectual property.

Summary of the different types of intellectual property pertinent to the biofuels industry and issues of importance:

  • Patents: Basic requirements for utility patent; types of inventions patents will protect; Composition, Method, and System/Apparatus patents; business method patents (e.g., with carbon credits); Petitions to Make Special; joint developments; and ownership issues.
  • Biofuels patents - Some challenges in getting biofuels patents.
  • Common IP pitfalls: Searching; Freedom-to-Operate opinions; using CDAs.
  • Trade Secrets: Innovations covered; Trade Secret protection programs; "reverse engineering"
  • Licensing: Importance of; reasons to license; types of relevant licenses and contracts.
  • Examples of biofuels IP-related litigation/controversies.
  • Competitive IP intelligence.
  • "Free patent" website to use.
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