“3D Printing: Reshaping our Engineering Culture?” (featured quotes)

March 2020 Issue
Plastics Engineering Magazine, Volume 76, Issue 3

In an article published in Plastics Engineering Magazine’s March 2020 issue, Partner Ryan Schermerhorn was quoted discussing how 3D printing is advancing science and technology.

The number of patent applications filings directed to 3D printing related technologies has significantly increased over the last few years. In 2019 alone, the USPTO published 26,104 patent applications containing one or more references to 3D printing or additive manufacturing.

“I expect that 3D printing will eventually disrupt and change larger-scale manufacturing. For example, automotive manufacturers will someday be able to use 3D printing to print motors onto plastic parts. I also expect that 3D printing will also disrupt and change healthcare by, for example, allowing healthcare providers to print customized organs and to print medical devices specifically tailored to a patient’s needs and anatomical characteristics,” said Schermerhorn.

Additionally, a rise in intellectual property rights continues to advance science and technology, and also brings technological solutions to problems that previously had no solution.

Subscribers may access the full article "3D Printing: Reshaping our Engineering Culture?" which features Ryan Schermerhorn on pages 42-45. 

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