Exploring the WIPO Green Marketplace

February 2024
Marshall Gerstein Insights

In the realm of intellectual property and innovation, a new frontier is emerging—one that is deeply intertwined with the urgent need for environmental stewardship and sustainability.  Enter the WIPO Green Marketplace, a platform launched by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to catalyze the development and dissemination of green technologies worldwide.

What is the WIPO Green Marketplace?

The WIPO Green Marketplace serves as a bridge between technology seekers and technology providers in the green technology domain.  It offers a space where inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies can showcase their eco-friendly innovations, patents, and expertise, find eco-friendly solutions, and collaborate on eco-friendly projects.  This platform aims to transcend geographical boundaries, fostering collaboration on a global scale to address pressing environmental challenges.

The WIPO Green Marketplace includes the WIPO Green Database, which allows green technology providers to upload their ideas, solutions, or patents to a searchable database and green technology seekers to search for possible eco-friendly solutions that have been uploaded to the database.  The opposite is also possible.  Green technology seekers can upload a post regarding a particular need for an eco-friendly solution to a given problem and green technology providers can search for posted problems for which they may have an eco-friendly solution.  If there is a suitable match between a green technology provider and seeker, the database provides contact information for each to initiate contact.

The WIPO Green Marketplace also provides access to and search capability for green technology patents from the WIPO Patentscope database, provides additional knowledge material regarding green technologies and projects, and provides profiles and information on experts in green technology fields.

Benefits of the WIPO Green Marketplace to Companies

Access to Green Innovations: One of the primary benefits of the WIPO Green Marketplace is the access it provides to a diverse array of green innovations.  For companies seeking to bolster their sustainability efforts or find eco-friendly solutions for issues, innovative ideas for eco-friendly technologies and solutions to possibly integrate into their operations can be found.

Facilitated Collaboration: The WIPO Green Marketplace brings together technology seekers and providers in a centralized platform, which can streamline the process of collaboration and knowledge exchange.  Companies can easily connect with innovators and experts from around the world, fostering synergies that accelerate the development and deployment of green technologies.

Cost-Efficiency and Risk Reduction: By investing in sustainable practices and technologies, companies can often realize significant cost savings over the long term.  Moreover, integrating green solutions can help mitigate risks associated with regulatory compliance, resource scarcity, and reputational damage, thereby enhancing resilience and competitiveness.

Market Differentiation and Reputation Enhancement: Companies that demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility not only appeal to conscientious consumers but also attract investors and partners who prioritize sustainability.  By showcasing their involvement in the WIPO Green Marketplace, companies can enhance their brand reputation, differentiate themselves in the market, and tap into emerging opportunities in the green economy.


In a time where many individuals, organizations, and corporations are concerned with sustainability, the WIPO Green Marketplace provides a starting point for addressing these concerns.  By facilitating collaboration, innovation, and technology transfer in the green technology domain, the WIPO Green Marketplace empowers companies to move towards a more sustainable future.

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