“How Companies Can Benefit from 3D Printing”

April 1, 2023
IP Strategist

In an article published April 1, 2023 in IP Strategist, Associate Brian A.R. Raddatz and Partner Kate Nuehring Su discuss how 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is rapidly expanding into nearly every industry. Additive manufacturing can quickly and inexpensively produce parts that would otherwise be expensive and difficult to make using traditional manufacturing techniques. The medical field is one of the primary industries that is using 3D printing to produce medical devices and supplies to improve patient care.

“Modern additive manufacturing developments are changing the design development process.” Brian and Kate explain. “In the past, most design processes required extensive computer aided drafting (CAD), but with additive manufacturing, designers can 3D-print components and analyze the functionality, as featured on Fast Radius.”

Brian and Kate also provide intellectual property considerations and explain how companies using additive manufacturing should look for patentable innovations in their design processes.

“As additive manufacturing becomes more and more commonplace, additional consideration should be given to the novelty and non-obviousness of innovations in this space before making the investment in pursuing patent protection.”

Subscribers may access Brian and Kate’s full article “How Companies Can Benefit from 3D Printing” in IP Strategist.

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