“How to Diversify the Pool of Inventors – and Improve Innovation”

March 1, 2023
ALM's IP Strategist

In an article published on March 1, 2023 in IP Strategist, Chief Talent & Diversity Officer Christine Hollis, Partner and Chair, Industrial & Mechanical Technologies industry group Jonathan Hughley, and Partner David Read discuss efforts to expand the pool of inventors across racial, gender, and ethnic categories and how innovation can be fostered across a wide range of industries and companies. “The country as a whole will realize numerous benefits, such as expanded, unique and better-targeted products for a wider range of consumers, a sense of directly impacting ones’ personal interest from within these diverse communities, and increased access to mentors and advisors from heretofore neglected communities,” they explain. 

Christine, Jonathan, David add that one of the most powerful ways to meet this challenge is to expose underrepresented communities to careers in innovation. “We in the patent bar, as well as others laboring in the field of science and technology, should take active steps to encourage more young people from underrepresented communities to consider and pursue degrees in the sciences and engineering, as well as other pursuits such as technical training and courses in design and programming.”

Subscribers may access Christine, Jonathan, and David’s full article “How to Diversify the Pool of Inventors – and Improve Innovation” on ALM’s IP Strategist.

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