“Innovative Patent and Trademark Solutions for the Metaverse and NFTs”

July 25, 2022
Nasdaq Trade Talks

NASDAQ Trade Talks featured Marshall Gerstein Partners Matthew Carey and Cameron Pick in an interview on innovative patent and trademark solutions for the metaverse and NFTs. Global Markets Reporter Jill Malandrino asked our team to weigh in on the recent increase in trademark applications for metaverse use cases. Matthew explained the need for companies to consider how such use cases can extend critical intellectual property protection for their brands. He said, “The United States Patent and Trademark Office has seen a significant spike in these trademark filings as more people enter the metaverse and spend more time in the metaverse.”

Just as companies may seek to protect their brands in the metaverse, Cameron added that companies may also seek to protect their products with design patents. Additionally, as virtual reality continues to evolve, he explained that the availability of touch sensors to actually feel the weight and texture of objects in the virtual world. “Therefore, companies may also wish to protect their components and functionality for the metaverse,” he added.

Matthew underscored the importance of companies taking such steps in order to protect their intellectual property from anonymous online sources seeking to make “a quick buck” while the metaverse is in its infancy. Additionally, Cameron offered insight into how companies can further monetize their metaverse IP strategies through NFTs and other means.

Access the full interview "Innovative Patent and Trademark Solutions for the Metaverse and NFTs featuring Matthew Carey and Cameron Pick.

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