“Protecting Innovation in FemTech”

February 28, 2023
MedTech Intelligence

In an article published on February 28, 2023 in MedTech Intelligence, Meggan Duffy, Partner and Chair of the firm’s FemTech industry group, and Julianne Hartzell, Partner and Chair of the firm’s Medical Devices industry group, discuss the acceleration of innovation and investment in women's healthcare, and how Femtech is providing a wide range of solutions to improve women's healthcare across a range of female-specific conditions, helping to match capital and talent to unmet needs while delivering better outcomes for female patients and consumers.

Meggan and Julianne further explain how innovation continues and is expected to grow in the Femtech space, and why individuals should consider protecting innovation with U.S. utility and design patents.

“Getting patent protection is valuable both as an asset for your company and as the first step in preventing competitors from using your invention, i.e. infringing your patent,” the authors wrote. “But competitors won’t always know that your patent exists and, sometimes, they may not agree that what they are doing is prevented by the patent. You will need to take steps to leverage your patent against competitors.”

Access Meggan and Julianne’s full article “Protecting Innovation in FemTech” in MedTech Intelligence.

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