“When Robots Say “Enjoy Your Stay:” Patenting AI Solutions to Enhance Guest Experiences”

July 19, 2020

In an article published in HotelExecutive on July 19, 2020, Partner Jeremy Kriegel discusses patenting AI hotel innovations designed to enhance guest experiences in a post-COVID world. To protect a hotel’s differentiating attributes, IP protection may include utility patents, design patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

“Display technologies like LED and LCD screens, already growing in prevalence, will likely play an even more important role in how hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, casinos, museums, theatres and other entertainment venues, transportation hubs and vehicles interact with visitors. IP rights can protect how the guest's experience on those screens, both large-panels and mobile devices, inures to the brand's benefit. For instance, novel and non-obvious graphical user interfaces can be protected by U.S. design patents, which have a term of 15 years,” Kriegel explains.

IP protection can help prevent competitors from riding your coattails. While AI poses challenges when it comes to patentability, graphical user interface design patents and physical manifestations of AI-derived data can provide effective solutions for those in the hospitality industry seeking new ways to engage their guests in a post-COVID world.

Readers may access Jeremy's full article "When Robots Say "Enjoy Your Stay:" Patenting AI Solutions to Enhance Guest Experiences" on HotelExecutive online. 

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