Effective October 2, 2020: Final Rule—Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees

July 31, 2020
Marshall Gerstein Insights

The USPTO has issued its final rule setting and adjusting patent fees, effective October 2, 2020. Among the changes:

  • Utility issue fees are increasing 20% (to $1,200 undiscounted)
  • First maintenance fee at 3.5 years is increasing 25% (to $2,000 undiscounted)
  • IPR request fee is increasing 23% (to $19,000)
  • Filing a new application in non-DOCX format will incur a new fee ($400 undiscounted)

Other fee adjustments are more minor, with many fees increasing $20-$60.

On Monday, August 3, 2020, the Federal Register will publish "Setting and Adjusting Patent Fees during Fiscal Year 2020" that will detail further information. 

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