Clemency Petition Granted for Jonathan C. Hughley’s Pro Bono Client

January 11, 2019

Although the work that Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP attorneys perform day-in and day-out helps businesses thrive, it is occasionally the pro-bono work that we perform which is the most life-changing for our clients and our attorneys. Good people are often kept out of gainful employment and other opportunities due to a past criminal conviction. Jonathan Evans had been a professional in the shipping/freight industry for several decades, and wished to improve his business by being able to ship cargo of varying classifications. Due to a prior drug-related arrest in the early 1990s, however, his status as a felon precluded him from growing his shipping business. After his arrest, Mr. Evans served as an active member of his community by frequently organizing food donation drives during the holiday season and acting as a mentor to young adults. Hoping to move forward with his life, Mr. Evans reached out to Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) for help clearing his record. CGLA files about 50 clemency petitions a year, and 2018 saw none of them being approved. Of the 2,333 petitions Former-Governor Rauner acted on during his term, Gov. Rauner only issued 79 pardons.

As one of numerous attorneys at Marshall Gerstein working with CGLA clients, Jonathan C. Hughley diligently prepared his petition and presented his arguments at the Prisoner Review Board hearing. “My work with CGLA and for Mr. Evans was incredibly rewarding,” said Hughley. “Although I know that the patent work that I do for my clients can help set a company up for years of success, clemency will help Mr. Evans for the rest of his life. I’m proud of that, and of him.” Our congratulations to both Jonathans! 

See CGLA’s website for more information about how you can get involved. Learn more about Jonathan C. Hughley and his practice by visiting his biography.

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