“Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Metaverse” (featured quotes)

December 9, 2022
Legal Dive

In an article published on December 9 in Legal Dive, Partner Matthew Carey discusses how companies can protect their trademark and patent assets in the metaverse.

“What these brands have been doing is filing new applications for metaverse-specific goods and services of their existing mark,” explains Matt. “So, downloadable virtual goods, non-fungible assets, crypto collectibles and cryptocurrencies – anything that they think could support the use of the trademark.”

Matt further examines the complexity of patent issues in the metaverse. “If a company – GM or Ford, for instance – owns a patent on an engine, that [involves] physical components, so even if there’s an image of that engine that’s used in the metaverse, if there’s no virtual object that is performing the same thing, then it wouldn’t infringe the patent,” said Matt. 

To read the full article “Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Metaverse” that features Matt, please visit Legal Dive.

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