Hoffman Presents “Biofuel Inventions/Innovations and Intellectual Property Law”

November 24, 2008

MGB Partner and Chair of the Cleantech and Renewables industry team, Richard B. Hoffman, presented a webinar entitled “Biofuel Inventions/Innovations and Intellectual Property Law” on Thursday, November 20, 2008. Mr. Hoffman provided a summary of the various types of intellectual property, pitfalls to avoid, and tips on protecting your intellectual property.

Topics included:

  • Patents: Basic requirements for utility patent; types of inventions patents will protect; Composition, Method, and System/Apparatus patents; business method patents (e.g., with carbon credits); Petitions to Make Special; joint developments; and ownership issues.
  • Biofuels patents - Some challenges in getting biofuels patents.
  • Common IP pitfalls: Searching; Freedom-to-Operate opinions; using CDAs.
  • Trade Secrets: Innovations covered; Trade Secret protection programs; "reverse engineering”
  • Licensing: Importance of; reasons to license; types of relevant licenses and contracts.
  • Examples of biofuels IP-related litigation/controversies.
  • Competitive IP intelligence.
  • "Free patent" website to use.

This seminar was produced in partnership with Biofuels Journal. A copy of the presentation handout can be found below.

Webinar Slides


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