Jeremy R. Kriegel Comments on How To Manage Complex Patent Portfolios

July 9, 2010

Clients will be better able to manage unwieldy patent portfolios after they consider the July 9, 2010 Law360 article entitled, “5 Tips For Managing A Complex Patent Portfolio.” Jeremy R. Kriegel provided two “insider tips”—from how best to maintain inventor information so as to help identify potentially-affected patent applications when an employee leaves a company, to speeding up the prosecution process.

In the article quoting experts on patent portfolio organization, Mr. Kriegel said [he has] “avoided major hassles by keeping a spreadsheet that lists every named inventor on each patent application.” He also shares information about the USPTO’s new initiative called Project Exchange. “The program allows a company to get a patent sooner, which can be advantageous for an important invention,” said Kriegel.

Jeremy R. Kriegel reliably guides clients in such industries as medical, industrial and consumer products, particularly for their mechanical and electro-mechanical innovations, and across all phases of the product life-cycle. His clients find he readily grasps complex rights and business issues, building from his fifteen years of experience with diverse technologies and his training in mechanical engineering. Detail-oriented by nature, he navigates clients toward optimal business positions through careful counsel and forward-thinking intellectual property strategies. 


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