Marshall Gerstein Attorney Matthew Carey Featured in Metaverse Times

November 19, 2022

Matthew Carey was featured in Metaverse Times on November 19 discussing metaverse IP protections and how he is counseling clients to prepare for the future.

“The metaverse offers tremendous business opportunities in such fields as teaching, fitness, work, healthcare, entertainment, and urban planning and management,” Matt said. “As an example, even the pandemic was not able to jumpstart the embracing of virtual education, perhaps because the learning experience within existing virtual education platforms is limiting.”

Matt further explains why individuals and organizations should be paying attention to the metaverse.

“The investment bank Citi recently released a report estimating that the metaverse represents a total addressable market between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030,” he said. “While certain components of the metaverse have already arrived, its true mass adoption is at least a few years away. And when current hardware, software, and communication limitations are addressed and the metaverse truly arrives, it will experience massive uptake by individuals, companies and governments alike.”

Please visit Metaverse Times to read the full profile for Matt.

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