Marshall Gerstein Offers Support to Veterans Group

November 23, 2021

Each month, Marshall Gerstein chooses a community cause to support financially. Support comes from the firm, as well as individuals who want to get involved. In November, we chose to bolster the mission of Leave No Veteran Behind, a Chicago-based nonprofit that takes the military code of never leaving a soldier behind and applies it to veterans who are integrating into post-military life. The men and women who fight our wars and protect our country suffer alarmingly high rates of homelessness, financial difficulties, family problems, health conditions contracted through their service and mental health issues such as PTSD. Surprisingly, the U.S. government offers few services to help veterans deal with these problems, and it's up to all of us to step up.

LNVB was founded by two Chicago veterans, Eli Williamson and Roy Sartin, who postponed their college studies to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. When they returned, they noticed the struggles of veterans, and after much thought, founded LNVB. Their philosophy is that veterans are not a charity but are a social investment in America.

Since its founding, LNVB has helped thousands of veterans pay off student loans in return for their work in community service programs, helped veterans find transitional and permanent employment and provided financial support to their families. Marshall Gerstein is proud to support this Chicago-founded organization that is helping veterans and their families across the nation.

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