The Well-Rounded Life of An IP Attorney

September 15, 2010

Intellectual property attorney Jeremy R. Kriegel spends the majority of his professional time securing patents for his clients in the medical device and consumer product arenas. In a recent Chicago Lawyer profile, you can learn about his non-lawyer side.

Mr. Kriegel recommends his favorite Chicago restaurant: Café Iberico, where he enjoys bringing out-of-town guests “because it’s not touristy…and is a good reflection of Chicago.” He also shares his background, advice for future or new lawyers and anecdotes from his 15 years of practice as an intellectual property attorney, such as when he assisted a non-profit minority health information provider in obtaining a domain name for their Web site, and subsequently leveraged a major television network’s interest in that domain name to negotiate terms of a deal providing access to a national audience for the non-profit’s minority health message.

Jeremy R. Kriegel focuses his practice on guiding clients in such industries as medical, industrial and consumer products, particularly for their mechanical and electro-mechanical innovations, and across all phases of the product life-cycle. His approach to securing patents begins with solid analysis and attention to detail. Then he leads clients through the process, simplifying complex issues for them. He works closely with them all along the way, being easily accessible to clients and helping them avoid pitfalls and realize commercial advantages within the nuanced, ever-changing world of intellectual property law.


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