July 2011Presentation “Do You Consider Yourself a Good Negotiator?” AUTM Central Region Meeting
June 2011Presentation “Innovative Collaborations: Successful Deal Structures for Non-Profit/For-Profit Collaborations” BIO Annual Meeting
March 2011Presentation “Drafting the License Agreement: No Decoder Ring Required” AUTM Annual Meeting
February 2011Presentation “Negotiating the License Agreement: What to Consider Before, During and After the Negotiation” AUTM Annual Meeting
October 2010Presentation “PDS 100: Commercializing Technology Through the Power of IP Licensing” LES PDS series
August 2010Presentation “Negotiating the License Agreement” AUTM Webinar
July 2010Presentation “Anatomy of a License Agreement” AUTM Webinar
June 2010 “The Bayh-Dole Act—Principles and Practice”
April 2010Presentation “Primer on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer” Intellectual Property/Entrepreneurship Symposium
March 2010Presentation “Drafting the License Agreement—Let the Financial Terms be Your Guide” AUTM Annual Meeting
March 2010 “The Use of Master Research Agreements in Non-Profit Technology Transfer” Corporate Liaison Network
February 2010Presentation “Game-Changing IP Strategy and Organizational Alignment That Lead to the Right Deal Pipeline” LES IP 100 Executive Forum
October 2009Presentation “Term Sheets: The Deal Begins” LES PDS 300 CLE Series, LES USA & Canada Annual Meeting
February 2009Presentation “Analyze This Contract!” AUTM Annual Meeting