“How I Made Law Firm Leader: Advice From Marshall Gerstein Executive Committee Member Sandip Patel”

June 17, 2021

On June 17, 2021, published an article as part of its “How I Made Law Firm Leader” series highlighting Sandip Patel’s career successes and his pathway to leadership at the firm. As a current member of firm’s executive committee and as former chairman of the attorney recruiting committee, Sandip is a seasoned leader at Marshall Gerstein.

“Until I began serving on the executive committee, I had not fully appreciated the time commitment necessary to help run the firm. For example, I had not appreciated how much time is involved behind the scenes to properly help administer and deliver reviews to associates and staff, or the time commitment necessary to carefully consider the firm’s finances and assess partner compensation. Until I began serving on the committee, I took for granted that these aspects of the firm were being conscientiously handled by others,” Sandip said.

When asked how he believes diverse members can better position themselves for success and leadership roles, Sandip advised, “Engage with two types of people: mentors and peers. With both types, share your concerns, your successes and your failures. These people need not be diverse themselves. But without these people, it’s going to be difficult to figure out in which direction to steer your career and also difficult to figure out whether you’re actually driving toward a goal. These folks may change over a career, but having these types of people at each career stage helps in many ways.”

To read Sandip’s full Q&A, subscribers may click here.

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