“Patenting Considerations for Protecting 3D Printing Innovations”

January 19, 2021Presentation
TIPE | 2022, powered by Women in 3D Printing

Partner Meggan Duffy was part of an inspirational all-women agenda of speakers and panelists at TIPE | 2022, powered by Women in 3D Printing. Meggan participated in the conference’s Economics Track, where she spoke with attendees about “Patenting Considerations for Protecting 3D Printing Innovations.” Her presentation focused on helping individuals who use additive manufacturing technologies understand if their innovations are eligible for patent protection; and, on creating an inclusive culture within the broader economic landscape where innovative contributions of female and diverse employees is sought out. Meggan explained these insights would help prevent lost economic value associated with leaving innovations unpatented while also providing increased opportunities for female and diverse employees to be named as inventors on patents. Combined, these efforts would bolster representation and ultimately decrease gender disparities in patenting as well.

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