Marshall Gerstein Announces Changes to Executive Committee and Practice Group Leadership

May 21, 2019

Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP today announces the election of Sandip H. Patel to the firm’s Executive Committee. Patel succeeds Robert M. Gerstein who served on the committee for more than a decade. Additionally, the firm has also named Heather R. Kissling, Jeremy R. Kriegel, Eric M. Brusca, Ph.D., and Jennifer Burnette to various leadership roles.

As a member of the firm’s Executive Committee, Patel will continue to influence the firm’s strategy, growth, and culture. Patel, who began his career at Marshall Gerstein after graduating law school in 1996, has served in multiple leadership roles within the firm. He became a partner in 2002 and served as Chair of the firm’s Attorney Recruiting Committee for 10 years. Combined with his diverse legal experience, Patel’s innovative and dynamic leadership made him an ideal candidate for this elevated role.

“Leadership succession is a key part of our growth. It is a deliberate practice within our firm to recognize leadership skills, create opportunities, and reward team members for their contributions,” said Jeffrey S. Sharp, managing partner for Marshall Gerstein. “Throughout his tenure, Sandip has always risen to any challenge, mentored his colleagues, and embodied our firm’s values, while delivering mission-critical results for our clients. We look forward to his continued leadership as a member of the Executive Committee.”

A continuation of the firm’s succession plan, several attorneys have also recently assumed new leadership roles. Heather R. Kissling has been named Patent Prosecution Manager after previously serving as Chair of the Biotechnology & Life Sciences Practice Group. Jeremy R. Kriegel, who previously served as Patent Prosecution Manager, has been named Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. Eric M. Brusca, Ph.D. and Jennifer Burnette will assume the roles of Chair for the Biotechnology & Life Sciences Practice Group and Chemical Sciences Practice Group, respectively. Additionally, Pamela L. Cox and Randall G. Rueth will remain as ex officio members of the Strategic Planning Committee.

“Each of these individuals, along with their teams, represents the diverse experience, perspective, and leadership required to achieve our clients’ goals, and our objectives as a firm,” said Sharp. “Our collaborative culture allows us to innovate and move the needle for our clients in ways others cannot, and I am enthusiastic about the future of our work as these dedicated individuals take the helm.”

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