“Today’s Robotics Innovation Landscape and the Role of IP in the Field of Robotics”

June 2, 2020
Robotics Tomorrow

Robotics Tomorrow published an article written by Partner Nicholas Terrell and Associate Shannon Hughes Mastick on June 2, 2020, discussing the role intellectual property plays in the field of robotics.

From mechanical components to electrical controls to software, and even processes of producing components, innovation in robotics can take many forms. Depending on the type of innovation at hand, there are certain types of IP protection that are more suitable than others.

“Generally, patent protection is best suited for inventions that are at risk of being publicly detected (either directly or through reverse engineering efforts) or independently developed. Innovation that will likely not become publicly available or that would require significant work to recreate may be a good candidate for trade secret protection,” the authors explain.

The article outlines patent prosecution and protection of robotics innovations, trade secrets considerations for robotics innovations and the legal status of inventions derived from AI and robotics.

Readers may access Nicholas and Shannon's full article "Today's Robotics Innovation Landscape and the Role of IP in the Field of Robotics" on Robotics Tomorrow online

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