“AI and Plastics: The Revolution Begins” (featured quotes)

October 2020 Issue
Plastics Engineering Magazine

In an article published in Plastics Engineering Magazine’s October 2020 Issue, Partner Ryan Phelan was quoted discussing the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in plastics and how AI is evolving from a machine‐learning tool to a vital production and quality control innovation.

When something as potent as AI becomes available to plastics, there are concerns that must be recognized and acted on for it to be successful, such as communication of data and sustainability. Additionally, the integration and use of AI as intellectual property in plastics and production means that AI algorithms may become part of a product’s lifecycle and production. Thus, they can be protected.

“AI inventions in the plastics space can be protected by one or more patents that claim a new and non-obvious system, method, etc., related to the design or manufacture of plastics and/or composite materials or products,” Phelan says. “Any company or individual having a new AI application or related plastics design should reach out to a patent attorney to explore techniques for how to protect AI-related innovations, and, specifically, how to use patents to preclude competitors from copying their innovations and R&D efforts.”

Readers may access "AI and Plastics: The Revolution Begins" which quotes Ryan in Plastics Engineering Magazine.

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