“Data Privacy Law and Intellectual Property Considerations for Biometric-Based AI Innovations”

June 12, 2020
Security Magazine

In an article published in Security Magazine online on June 12, 2020 and in the June print issue, Partner Ryan Phelan discusses intellectual property (IP) considerations for biometric-based AI innovations and developing data privacy laws and regulations.

“If you have ever used your face to unlock your mobile phone, swiped your finger to unlock a computer, or used your voice as a password, then you are familiar with biometrics data,” explains Phelan.

Since biometrics data is highly personalized data that provides a unique signature for each person, it can be utilized in various security or personal identification applications, creating data privacy issues under new and developing laws and regulations.

Phelan’s article goes into detail about IP considerations for AI innovations; the biometrics data and data privacy regulatory landscape in both the European Union and the United States; and proactive strategies to mitigate data privacy concerns.

“Companies developing innovative products and services that use biometrics data will also want to work with legal counsel knowledgeable about both IP and data privacy laws and regulations in order both to protect their innovations and to stay abreast of the growing data privacy landscape,” Phelan concludes.

Access Ryan's full article "Data Privacy Law and Intellectual Property Considerations for Biometric-Based AI Innnovations" published in Security Magazine online.  

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