“ITC Ban on Apple Watch Could Still Be Reversed”

November 3, 2023

Marshall Gerstein Partner and IP Litigation Chair Benjamin (Ben) T. Horton published a column in Law360 on November 3 further discussing the anticipated courses of action for Apple following the U.S. International Trade Commission’s decision that the Apple Watch infringes on patents owned by a medical device manufacturer. Horton, who was interviewed by Law360 earlier in the week about the decision, further explains what the development means for Apple.

“The decision was a rare instance of a popular consumer product being hit with an absolute importation ban — the watches are manufactured in Asia — and, depending on your point of view, either represents a victory by a comparably small company against a tech behemoth, or is regulatory overreach that unnecessarily limits competition in an industry sector that thrives on innovation” Horton wrote.

To read the complete article, subscribers to Law360 can click here.

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