Patent Applications Featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) Doubled Since 2002

October 23, 2020
Marshall Gerstein Insights

Artificial Intelligence at USPTOAccording to Law360, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)'s director, Andrei Iancu, reported that patent applications featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) doubled since 2002.

Also, Mr. Iancu acknowledged that AI is still in its infancy, still requiring human use: "We are not at the point yet where the machine truly is in a singularity situation where they create themselves, they train themselves, they decide what to do and what to invent and completely operate autonomously. If that's not the case, then machines are still just a tool, a very advanced tool, but still just a tool for human use."

Subscribers may access Law360's article "Iancu Says Patent Apps Featuring AI Doubled Since 2002" for further details. 

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