“Strategic Management of AI in Corporate Environments: Navigating IP and Legal Risks”

December 6, 2023

In an article published on November 30, Marshall Gerstein Partner Ryan Phelan provides insight into the intellectual property risks that the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) raises for legal departments.

Phelan advises, “To navigate these treacherous waters, it is imperative for companies to approach the adoption of AI tools with caution. A proactive step in this direction would be the development of a comprehensive AI policy. Such a policy could serve as a guiding framework, helping companies manage the risks associated with AI tool usage while leveraging their benefits. This policy could function in tandem with, or as an extension to, a company's existing open-source software policy, thereby creating a robust shield against potential IP-related vulnerabilities.”

In the article, Phelan summarizes the various legal risks associated with AI and provides in-house counsel with suggestions for crafting a robust AI policy.

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