“The Possibilities of Recycling Nuclear Fissile Waste”

February 26, 2024
POWER Magazine

POWER Magazine published a column by Associate Brian A.R. Raddatz that encourages readers to think differently about nuclear waste. As Brian summarizes, “Not only could recycling nuclear fissile waste reduce the waste generated by current nuclear power plants, but it also opens the door to transforming our existing nuclear waste into a valuable resource. This nuclear energy reserve could last for decades if not centuries.”

In the article, Brian shares several examples of innovative technologies in this space to watch and provides a summary of the intellectual property considerations about these groundbreaking developments: “It's also essential to note that nuclear technologies and programs, especially those involving fissile materials, also include considerations of national and international regulations, safety standards, and non-proliferation concerns.”

Access Brian’s article “The Possibilities of Recycling Nuclear Fissile Waste” featured in POWER Magazine.

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