Pamela L. Cox has the talent to unravel complex trading structures and devise creative consensus solutions. She used to be her in-house, from multinational corporations to nonprofits, where she has been involved in client intellectual property transactions, protection and dispute resolution. Ms. Cox is a lawyer who understands clients' intellectual property rights and contract needs and is passionate about achieving strategic goals. She considers the client to be invaluable to her team.

Pamela Cox is one of the country's leading authorities. She works harder than a thoroughly commercial lawyer who can quickly get her head on even the most labyrinthine deals. She is an essential ongoing resource to quickly come to your rescue with practical guidance in a very close time frame and easily navigate global negotiations. She is also a prominent authority on technology transfer and licensing of universities working for commercial and non-profit clients. Her ability to enforce your rights while solving the most complex problems in negotiations quickly and quickly is remarkable. --IAM Patent 1000 _

"Pam has an exceptional legal mind. She can independently grasp and analyze complex legal issues. She is a good negotiator and has a strong position without dislike. She plans ahead of the expected compromises downstream and finds creative solutions to tackle the challenges at hand. "--Client says ( LMG Life Sciences ).


  • IP transaction
  • Patent examination
  • Trade secret


  • Biotechnology & Life Sciences
  • Chemical science
  • Medical equipment
  • Nanotechnology
  • Non-profit technology transfer
  • Pharmaceuticals

Main career

  • He led successful negotiations with the dynamics of relations and the sensitivity of political parties to internal / external politics.
  • Implement IP dispute resolution to balance competing interests.
  • Document preparation agreements for the creation and utilization of intellectual property through multi-party cooperation, alliance agreements, or more traditional bilateral agreements (such as licenses).
  • Created a template contract in the agreement between the systems with the intention of maximizing the client's goal, whether to return to investment and diligence from the master collaboration contract through technology development.
  • Perform thorough due diligence of intellectual property in connection with licensing, transfer, or sale or merger of businesses.
  • Non-profit grants and intellectual property policies, related revenue sharing agreements, consulting agreements, disclosure forms of the invention, and compliance counseling.
  • Manage your portfolio of licensed outs, identify potential licensees, and audit your intellectual property and contracts.
  • Execute and translate business goals into enforceable contracts.

Background and qualifications

Ms. Cox is a Certified Professional (CLP) certified professional who certifies her as a certified professional working to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to achieve professional development and the highest standards of performance.

Prior to joining Marshall Gerstein, he was a client of Cox as Deputy Director of Technology Transfer at the Advanced Research and Technology Institute at Indiana University. There she was responsible for managing and licensing the patent portfolio on eight campuses. She was also in-house engaged in regulatory and clinical work at De Puy Inc. of Johnson & Johnson Company.

* The Illinois Supreme Court does not recognize the recognition of professionalism in legal practice, and CLP ™ certification is not a requirement to enforce the law in Illinois.

Registered with the American Bar Association

  • Illinois
  • US District Court, Northern Illinois District
  • US Patent and Trademark Office
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