Katya S. Bitkin is a Technical Specialist at Marshall Gerstein and is in tune with the fundamentals of research and development, project management, concise communications, and can creatively analyze and visualize information.

Background and Credentials

Katya is experienced in research and development, training, and data collection for non-profit institutions, healthcare, and clinical research organizations. She has intellectual curiosity at the intersection of the fields of science, design, and communication. With an educational background in biomedical engineering, she is experienced in designing portable system components and native fluorescence and reflectance imaging systems for cancerous oral tissue resections. She is co-inventor on a patent relating to a vision enhancement system for improved detection of epithelial neoplasia.


  • University of Texas at Austin (M.S.)
    • Biomedical Engineering
  • University of Northern California (B.S.E.)
    • Biomedical Engineering

Community and Professional Involvement

  • Mentored middle school students in an after-school science enrichment program organized by the Northwestern University’s Science in Society Program at Family Focus in Evanston, IL.

Publications and Presentations

  • Haynes, A., Drane, D., Bitkin, E.S., McClearn, D., Kelley, J., Basha, S. (October, 2019). Assessing and Improving Critical Thinking Across National, Institutional, and Disciplinary Borders. Paper to be presented at the International Society for the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Bitkin, E.S., Drane, D. (November, 2019). Images as Pictorial Metaphors in Evaluation - a Catalyst for Expression. Paper submitted to American Evaluation Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
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