InternetRetailer Magazine Quotes Thomas L. Duston on e-Commerce Patents

August 2, 2010

Thomas L. Duston was quoted in two InternetRetailer articles due to his extensive experience with regard to patent litigation in the Internet/e-Commerce industry.

In the July 28, 2010 InternetRetailer article entitled “HSN Receives Two E-commerce Patents,”  Mr. Duston commented on the recent award to HSN, Incorporated, the TV and Web retailer, of two U.S. Patents. Mr. Duston offered his assessment that the late filing dates for each of these patents would likely have an impact on the strength and scope of the patent protection for these claimed inventions.

Additionally, Mr. Duston was quoted in the August 2, 2010 InternetRetailer article “The Lively Business of E-Patent Trolls.” Mr. Duston remarked on the patent activity in the area of e-Commerce. Mr. Duston noted that widely adopted standards and practices essential to these operations have increased the risk to participants of certain types of patent infringement litigation. He also noted, however, that the increasing accessibility of information as a result of the Web has assisted those seeking to challenge innovation claims. Mr. Duston further commented upon the impact of patent accumulators, such as RPX Corporation, and cautioned that while potentially useful, the efforts of such companies may not prove to be a panacea.

Thomas L. Duston has been praised by colleagues and opponents alike, for his tenacity and creativity and the way in which he advocates for his clients. Mr. Duston has litigated patent infringement claims in an impressive array of technologies, including e-Commerce and the Internet. His peers named him a “Leading Lawyer” in IP Litigation and an Illinois Super Lawyer

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