Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP Attorneys Author InsideCounsel Magazine Articles

December 12, 2014

Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP attorneys authored a series of articles in InsideCounsel discussing current issues in patent law. Sandip H. Patel is the first author in the series, followed by Richard M. LaBarge, Benjamin T. Horton, James E. Griffith, and Gregory J. Chinlund. InsideCounsel is a monthly magazine published specifically for general counsel and other top in-house legal professionals.

Partner Sandip H. Patel helps Marshall, Gerstein's clients obtain and enforce patents, defend against allegations of patent infringement, and avoid competitors' patents. Those clients are diverse in size and focus, and have included multinational corporations, venture capital investors, specialty chemical companies, universities, and independent inventors. He has a formal education in chemical engineering, and his day-to-day work deals typically with inventions focusing on chemistry and chemical engineering. Mr. Patel's work for the Firm's clients has spanned the entire spectrum of engineering and sciences. Through that experience, he has proven adept at quickly understanding diverse technologies and devising efficient intellectual property strategies that clients have used to achieve their business goals.

Having helped clients obtain over a thousand U.S. trademark registrations and hundreds of U.S. patents, Richard M. LaBarge enjoys partnering with clients to blend the available forms of intellectual property protection. Recognized for his efficient handling of complicated cases, he led the successful opposition against Harley-Davidson’s attempt to register the sound of its motorcycles as a trademark, and successfully defended one of the nation’s oldest surviving trademark registrations against an abandonment claim. He is currently coordinating the international trademark portfolios of several pharmaceutical companies, and registering trademarks for Samsung Electronics. He has handled scores of cases before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. He has litigated before U.S. district courts throughout the nation and in the U.S. International Trade Commission.

Benjamin T. Horton protects as well as enforces the intellectual property rights of his clients in all phases of complex litigation. From the complaint through trial, Mr. Horton demonstrates creativity and determination through polished writing and persuasive courtroom presentation. In addition to his legal experience, Mr. Horton is an electrical engineer and before law school worked with automotive companies and semiconductor manufacturers. His legal and technical knowledge enable him to formulate winning strategies for his clients in technologies ranging from networking and explosives to wireless components and power distribution equipment.

Gregory J. Chinlund is Chair of the Firm's Trademark Practice Group. He assists companies with identifying and benefiting from intellectual property assets, and with his help, clients gain a competitive advantage by establishing and robustly enforcing strong brands and novel industrial and product designs. Mr. Chinlund is also experienced in copyright law and in handling licensing and other transactions involving intellectual property. Clients highly value his holistic approach to maximizing the equity in their intellectual property, and whether he is managing the global trademark portfolio of a pharmaceutical company or registering trademarks around the world for a major airline, he brings years of experience and a practical approach to the task. His acumen in counseling and litigation are complemented by his educational background in marketing and business. Mr. Chinlund is uniquely positioned to serve clients in diverse businesses with skill and creativity.

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