Niko Moses, Ph.D. works as an Associate to assist in prosecuting patents for biomedical innovators. She is experienced in specification drafting, prior art research, and developing strategies for responses to office actions. She previously served as a Summer Associate at Marshall Gerstein in 2022.

Niko has a variety of hobbies outside of the office, including sand and indoor volleyball, rock climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, and playing board games.

Representative Experience

Niko has experience with the following technologies, and has handled patent matters relating to:

  • Tumor growth, signaling, and inhibition
  • Immunology and vaccine design
  • Antibody technology
  • Viral vector and cell line technologies
  • Transgenic animals

Background and Credentials

Niko previously served as a Summer Associate at Marshall Gerstein in 2022, and plans to continue her work as an Associate starting in September 2023. She received her Bachelor of Science in cell and molecular biology from Tulane University in New Orleans, her Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from Wayne State University in Detroit, and her J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago. In Niko’s Ph.D. dissertation, she identified a novel target of HDAC6’s E3 ubiquitin ligase activity, and discovered that abrogation of this activity sensitized lung cancer to ionizing radiation. During graduate school, Niko also volunteered at Wayne State’s Technology Transfer Office, where she prepared technology disclosure statements for professors and assisted with intake interviews. It was at the Technology Transfer Office where Niko first developed an interest in Intellectual Property law, which lead her to law school. Niko was an active student during her time in law school; she was the Secretary and Vice President of the Intellectual Property Law Society, and she served a term as Chicago-Kent’s ChiWIP student representative. Niko’s favorite law school activity was volunteering at Chicago-Kent’s Patent Hub, where she interviewed inventors and performed prior art searches before connecting these inventors with local pro bono IP attorneys. Niko received a CALI award for achieving the highest grade in her Emerging Technologies seminar class.


  • Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology (J.D.)
    • Certificate in Intellectual Property Law
  • Wayne State University (Ph.D.)
    • Cancer Biology
  • Tulane University (B.S.)
    • Cellular and Molecular Biology

Bar Admissions

  • Illinois


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  • Hu C, Zhang M, Moses N…Zhang X. “The USP10-HDAC6 axis confers cisplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer lacking wild-type p53”. Cell Death and Disease. 7;11(5):328. 2020.
  • Zhang M, Hu C, Moses N, Haakeson J, Xiang S, Quan D…Zhang X. “HDAC6 regulates DNA damage response via deacetylating MLH1”. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 294(15):5813-5826. 2019.
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  • Moses N, Zhang X. “The Five Families of DNA Repair Proteins and Their Functionally Relevant Ubiquitination”. Ubiquitination Governing DNA Repair – Implications in Health and Disease, InTechOpen. 2018. Chapter 2: pp. 19-36. ISBN 978-1-78923-585-2.
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