“The USPTO’s Climate Pilot Fast-Tracks The Patent Process, Presents Opportunities”

April 17, 2024
Today's General Counsel

In Today’s General Counsel, Associate Brian Raddatz highlights an important program from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that encourages climate-friendly innovations to alleviate climate change. The Climate Change Mitigation Pilot Program was expanded last year to include additional technologies, ultimately accelerating the patent examination process for qualifying filings.

“The program meets the pressing need for innovative solutions to combat climate change by expediting what can be a long process,” Brian explains. “It seeks to empower innovators to bring their protected ideas to market more quickly, contributing to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a more sustainable future. This program will only be available until June 2027 or until 4,000 petitions have been granted. As of February 27, 2024, 583 petitions have already been granted.”

If you’re interested in learning more about this program and reading Brian’s guidance for companies considering taking advantage of the incentive from the USPTO, you may read the complete article "The USPTO's Climate Pilot Fast-Tracks The Patent Process, Presents Opportunities" in Today's General Counsel.

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