Publications and Presentations

September 17, 2019Presentation "Patenting Software & AI Inventions"
June 24, 2019 "Confidentiality and Discoverability"
February 20, 2018Presentation "Front Row: IP Licensing Dispute Mock Mediation" AUTM 2018 Annual Meeting
June 6, 2017Presentation "Introduction to IIAs, MTAs, and CDAs from the University Perspective" AUTM Online Professional Development Program Webinar
May 16, 2016 "Mock Mediation of a Patent License Dispute" LESI 2016 Annual Meeting – Beijing, China
November 2014Presentation “Agreements Used to Transfer IP for Medical Devices” AUTM Business Development Course
November 2014Presentation “University Jointly-Owned Rights and Inter-Institutional Agreements” AUTM Webinar
October 2014Presentation “IP Business Basics: The Business Bridge” LES Annual Meeting
June 2014Presentation “University Licensing from the Licensee's Perspective” Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) Fellowship Program
May 2014Presentation “Collaboration Agreements in Pharma and Biotechnology” LESI Annual Meeting – Moscow, Russia
March 2014Presentation “Time and Cost-Effective Approaches to Resolving Technology Transfer Disputes” LES Mid-Year Meeting
September 2013Presentation “Negotiating with Style: Using Negotiation Styles and Other Communications Tools for Better Results” Licensing Executives Society (LES) Webinar
August 2013Presentation “Speaking of Codes—Copyright & Open Source Software” CLE Presentation
June 2013Presentation “Considerations for the Faculty Entrepreneur in Licensing Intellectual Property” Chicago Innovation Mentors (CIM) Mentee CIMposium
April 2013Presentation “Global Pharmaceutical Licensing” LESI Annual Meeting – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
February 2013Presentation “Mock Expedited Arbitration: Resolving Technology Disputes Outside the Courts” AUTM Annual Meeting
November 2012Presentation “Innovative Structures for Successful University/Industry Collaboration: What Works, What Doesn't & What Could?” AUTM Leadership Forum
June 2012Presentation “Terms to Consider in Global Pharmaceutical Agreements from a Licensee’s Perspective” CLE Presentation
May 2012 “Drafting Agreements in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries” Oxford University Press
March 2012 “The Art and Science of Negotiation: Technology Transfer Negotiations” AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual, Third Edition (pp. 12-23)
March 2012Presentation “Mock Mediation: Time and Cost-effective Approaches to Resolving Technology Transfer Disputes” AUTM Annual Meeting
January 2012Presentation “Agreements Addressing the Coordination of Jointly Owned Intellectual Property Between Universities” AUTM Webinar
August 2011Presentation “Stanford v. Roche and the Practical Considerations Therefrom” CLE Course
August 2011Presentation “Negotiations of License Agreements” AUTM Webinar